What is Now What Can I Eat?

An idea to try and make food for the immune suppressed, for whatever reason, less limiting and instead more inspiring, enjoyable and accessible.

Why? After my double lung transplant I soon realised that although hospital dieticians were able to provide the ‘cans and cant’s’ I wanted more than this. I wanted to be able to enjoy food like I always had, without having to factor in concern or edit recipes to fit my new dietary limitations. I headed to the internet expecting to find a solution, but I found nothing for those on immune suppressants, which shocked me considering how many people are reliant on these medications every day.


I began to formulate a plan and Now What Can I Eat? was born.

Aims? For the last year I have been working on creating a cookbook crammed full of recipes, contributed to by over 100 well known chefs. The idea being the book will include only immune suppressed friendly ingredient recipes, although still completely delicious, but also incorporate any necessary cooking steps within the method so that while you are cooking from the book, for either yourself or others, the issues around immune suppression can be forgotten and the food simply enjoyed without worry. A point of guidance but also a point of escape.

In order to try and make this book a reality in March 2018 I launched a Kickstarter campaign with the support of a publisher to raise the funds we needed to create this book. Sadly we didn’t reach the funds needed and are yet to find a publisher able to help us make this book a reality but we will keep on trying and are now also exploring other options to make this book, which could help thousands of people across the UK and beyond, happen.

If you would like to get involved or think you can help make this project a reality please get in touch

You can see more of what Now What Can I Eat? Is about on Instagram @nowwhatcanieat