Running Now What Can I Eat has allowed me a brilliant opportunity to interact with and meet more people who have experienced similar health issues to me, or are interested in learning about them.

To try and ensure my channel is as useful as possible to these people I decided to invite some other people to do takeovers on my Instagram channel – to share their experiences and offer a perspective in addition to my own.

I launched this activity during CF Awareness Month (2019). During this time 24 individuals with CF, from all walks of life took over my Instagram stories for a few hours each and let me followers into their lives. You can read a little more about all of these individuals on my Instagram under the #nwciecftakeover or by watching the video below

During Organ Donation Awareness Week 2019 3 further people, who have had other transplants, took part in takeovers too

If you would like to do a takeover in the future, whether you have CF or not, and feel you have something to offer to my followers please just get in touch and I can share a little more info.