The best bits:

Ice cream 🍦we had a fair amount but I think my favourite was at @frigo_gelatoartigianale .

Pizza 🍕🧔🏻 wanted to return to his favourite pizza spot and it didn’t disappoint. Li Rioni a Santiquattro. Simple thin and crispy and considering the restaurant was pretty full on a Sunday night obviously with a great local reputation too.

Nice ‘lets get dressed up’ dinner 🍽 a real treat ourselves night @anticapesa.

Great food for people/chef watching 🔎right up front in @romiochef… you can see everything going on in the kitchen and follow delicious pasta right to your table.

Place to get a super cheap lunch 🍴Ristorante Carlo Menta… sit outside. We had to check if the €3 was for a full pizza – it was. Jugs of wine, homemade pasta and quick service, ideal for refuelling at lunch.

Cocktails 🍸 Bar del Cinque. Small and very Italian. Not sure it was officially a cocktail bar but they nailed expresso martinis!

Food Market 🛒 @mercatoditestaccio .Open for lunches although was definitely a little quite on a Monday. A whole load of delicious take away options as well as stools packed with delicious fresh products to drool over