Exploring and Eating

I’ve been extremely lucky to explore some great places since my transplant and thought some immune suppression friendly guidance for where we visit might be helpful for others

No huge reviews or write ups (I’ll leave that for the travel writers) but my sentence views on a number of category’s

… & obviously please follow your own inclination and reconnections, these are places I felt safe and happy eating and was able to pick stuff off the menu easily but places can change so please use your common sense!

The best of:


🍦Ice cream – we had a fair amount but I think my favourite was at Frigo Gelato

🍕Pizza – Li Rioni a Santiquattro. Simple thin and crispy and considering the restaurant was pretty full on a Sunday night obviously with a great local reputation too

🍽Nice ‘lets get dressed up’ dinner – a real treat ourselves night at Antica Pesa

🔎 Great food for people/chef watching – right up front in Romeo Chef and Baker… you can see everything going on in the kitchen and follow delicious pasta right to your table

🍴Place to get a super cheap lunch – Ristorante Carlo Menta… we had to check if the €3 was for a full pizza – it was. Jugs of wine, homemade pasta and quick service, ideal for refuelling at lunch

🍸Cocktails – Bar del Cinque. Small and very Italian. Not sure it was officially a cocktail bar but they nailed expresso martinis!

🛒 Food Market – Mercato Testaccio. Open for lunches although was definitely a little quite on a Monday. A whole load of delicious take away options as well as stools packed with delicious fresh products to drool over


🍏🌶🥐🍜 Time Outs Food Market was a great experience, a huge selection to try and busy so food is turned over quickly which is always good. There are some things I avoided but even with limitation there was a huge number of options. If you want to wander the old market (next door) too make sure you check times as it’s closed on Sunday and only open until 2 other days.

👨🏽‍🍳 Chef Jose Avillezs name seems to pop up all over Lisbon and he has a number of different restaurants ranging from top end to more casual dining. We went to Bairro do Avillez on my birthday – it has two bookable dinning areas and was buzzing, even on a Monday. Although we obviously avoided the charcuterie and cheeses (sadly) there was still lots on the menu to try, the waiters were incredibly kind and helpful and the people watching brilliant

🍽 We also went for a delicious supper at BouBou where we had snacks and 2 courses + a bottle of pale rose for less than €100. I had the biggest prawns I have ever seen as well as some super fresh octopus calamari then a delicious crab pasta – we left well and truly stuffed and were hugely impressed.

Park is a great bar on a car park roof 🏢🚘 – delicious drinks with a spectacular view of the city… although full of English people so if this is going to annoy you on holiday take note!

Obviously we ate lots of Portugal’s famous custard tarts – Pastel de nata. They are all over the city and while some places are more famous than others to be honest they were all delicious 👌🏼

Lastly, we had a final lunch at Cruzes Credo in the shadows of Lisbon’s Cathedral, yummy food on a beautiful sun dappled patio with incredibly friendly staff – 1000% times better than many of the touristy traps

In general:

  • Make sure to ride some of the funiculars 🚋 or the Santa Justa Lift as well as one of the traditional trams 🚃but be aware that these can get busy so go early or late (we went to the lift just as it closed after dinner and we’re the only ones up there)
  • Lisbon is hilly, I definitely would have struggled in the last few years pre transplant and some places just aren’t accessible without a bit of a hike up ⏫. The same goes for much of the accommodation, the traditional apartment buildings can be 5+ stories with no lift…so do your research when booking