• Location: Belgravia, London
  • What we were trying: Invited for the soft launch. We had lunch and a drink each.
  • Immune suppressed options or easy adaptations: The lunch menu at Liv was pretty varied and had plenty of things on it that I could eat without worry. Airing on the healthy side their were lots of salads which sounded and looked delicious but the menu also offered some more substantial options as well as some yummy sides should you want to add a little extra. The team were on the ball and happy to answer any questions but most options, eliminating the steak and poke bowl, were actually mainly fine as they were.
  • Price: Considering its location the price was really very good. Lunch items were all £16.50 or less and while some seemed a little better value for money than others nothing seemed ridiculously priced
  • Vibe: Light and bright, tucked down a little side street it was a lovely break from the streets of central London. Nab a seat in the window for extra comfort!
  • Service: Great. Despite it being new the team seemed to know exactly what was going on
  • Visit again? Yes…can’t wait for their dinner menu to launch later in the year

Update… Liv now also offer a dinner menu and here’s what we thought of that:

  • What we were trying: Their new dinner menu. We had starters, mains and shared a pudding
  • Immune suppressed options or easy adaptations: The dinner menu at Liv seemed to fall into two sections, pasta and other but there was definitely lots I could pick from in both. They put a warning on the menu that they might use unpasteurised cheese in some dishes which was really good to see and while avoiding the normal things I cant eat I didn’t feel limited or worried about any adaptations
  • Price: A little more expensive than the lunch menu and closer to the price you might expect for the area. The main and starter portions were big but our treacle tart was a little small for the price and while delicious I always struggle a little to justify higher prices for pasta dishes.
  • Vibe: As during the day the restaurant was really nice and bright. On the cold winter night we visited the warm, sunny vibes were definitely appreciated
  • Service: Really brilliant. The team were obviously experienced and it showed. They were attentive without being smothering and really friendly.

To find out more visit their website